Concentric Records

Can’t decide if you want a 7″, a 10″, or a 12″? Tired of making decisions in general? Now you don’t have to! With our new concentric records, you get a 7″, a 10″, and a 12″ all in one! Play them separately or put them together and listen to them all at once.P1030226P1030227

Metal on Metal!!

Here’s the first record in the Metal on Metal!! series. Scrap Iron’s epic metal masterpiece Shovel. Metal music as it was meant to be – on metal.

It’s guitar and drums. You can hear a bit of it here.

This is the prototype. The finished version will have flash memory circuitry built into it so that you can plug a usb cable directly into the record and download the songs!


The music is on the front and the back is etched copper artwork. Beautiful!

CuttinCopperHere’s the copper cutting in action!

Tiny 5″ Flexi Lathes

Here are some super thin 5″ lathes that were the secret bonus track as part of a cd-lathe. They were hidden UNDER THE JEWEL TRAY in some of the cd cases!  In the photo they are hanging out with Charlie the dog, Chaplin the cardinal, and Porkchop the lamb.

tiny monsters

The Live Lathe Series – Joanie Leon Guerrero

These are part of the live lathe series. An artist is invited to stop by and record a single. The catch – each and every side of each and every record is a LIVE-TO-LATHE recording. No two records are alike! Each one is a one of a kind master recording. We made 10 of these on Sept. 11, 2010.

Joanie Lathe

As you most likely will never get one of the original ten, you can listen to Boatman and Alamo online at your leisure.  Joanie Leon Guerrero wrote and performed both songs. I think these were takes 6 and 7.